The L.A. County Fair

Here is part of an article I wrote on the fair:

                                                          The Sunnystate News
                                                         The L.A. County Fair
   Yesterday was the legendary L.A. County Fair. The Grau’s and the Ayars’ went to the fair, and enjoyed it a lot.  That morning,with the idea of fun in their minds, the whole group set off. When the race downhill was over and the plunge uphill done, the families set off for the barns, before it got smelly or hot. After playing in the hay bales, the kids and a few grownups got chocolate milk or plain milk for free. Then, they actually milked goats. The children washed their hands enthusiastically, and then begged their parents to go the dude ranch. Wyatt and Colson made rope, Noel, Lina, and Joseph rode on the big rocking horses that were 42 inches high, Anastasia and Emma roped a fake calf, and Mr. Ayars, Mr. Grau, and Emma eventually roped the plastic heads on hay…..

I drew pictures on the side of the paper, and then was done. I might write an article for my Sunnystate News on the park day we’re having tomorrow……

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