The Waterstone

This book is very good. I enjoyed it a lot, and I have to say, that it was very enchanting. This story is a fantasy story. It was interesting to read. I would recommend it to a lot of people. The author wrote this story amazingly, and took me to another time. I like animals a lot, and in the book, the hero could speak to animals through his mind. His sister could tame animals, and also crush and mix herbs to heal wounds. If I had a power, I would like to be able to shape-shift. Then I could change into a bird or a cheetah. I could fly, and run fast. 

I like to write fantasy stories, and I am writing a fantasy story right now. It is about this girl who can shape-shift, fly, and do many other things. She is a human girl, but she was given powers by the Guardians. Her father used to tell her stories about the Guardians. I plan to write a series of books. In each book, the girl learns more about her powers, defeats the bad guys for now, and meets the magic people in the Guardians’ world. The series is going to be called Tales of the Guardians and then the name of the book is going to be in the picture my dad will draw. My pop is going to be the artist. This book and many others, have given me help with creating the world in my stories. But I have to say, I think The Waterstone helped me the most. 
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