INVENTIONS & The Irish Immigrant

Inventions and The Irish Immigrant are both new stories I have started writing. Inventions is about a young girl named Caddie. She hates everything girlish, including sewing, unless the sewing is for one of her inventions. Caddie loves to make Inventions, and has just made herself a secret workshop. But when she goes to visit her Uncle Yorks, in the city with her family, she learns that her workshop has been ransacked for her notebooks with the inventions. Suddenly, the whole story comes pouring out to her family, and they all hurry home. Uncle Yorks used to be a policeman, so he comes too. He learns that there is a gang of criminals, which has attempted to get money by doing almost everything, except use someone’s else ideas as their own. They had stolen the notebooks and have become world famous for her inventions. Caddie gets back her notebooks, then she becomes world famous. In The Irish Immigrant a young girl named Bridget comes to America. She is Irish. This story, which is actually a play, takes place during the 1600’s. I hope that both of these books get published.

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One Response to INVENTIONS & The Irish Immigrant

  1. Pop says:

    "Inventions" sounds really cool!! I can't wait to read it!

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