The Underground Railroad

These thick, small, wide, thin, historical, brain-wrinkling, books about The Underground Railroad, are amazing! I enjoy the tales, and have gotten a bit of inspiration for stories. The Underground Railroad was used during the Civil War. Slaves ran away to stations of The Underground Railroad. Mothers, fathers, and even children have ran away on it.  The end of the destination was a place in Philadelphia, where the slaves were taken care of. The slaves were helped by many people. Harriet Tubman was a slave who had ran away, and helped with the other slaves running away. Some people who were against slavery, did many things. Sojourner Truth was a slave who had changed her name. She talked about slavery, and the cruelty of it all. John Brown was a violent man, who went around burning people’s houses. Henry Brown, was called Henry “Box” Brown. He hid himself in a box, then was delivered to Philadelphia. I hope to read more on The Underground Railroad.

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