The Perilous Road

I enjoyed this thrilling adventure. The Perilous Road is about a young boy named Chris Babson. Chris completely hates the “blue-bellies,” or the Union army. His brother has joined up with them, so some people think of the Babson’s as rebels to the Confedarates. Chris is angered when his best friend calls him a one of the “blue-bellies.” He cuts some of the Union mules loose, but almost is caught. Luckily, a man named Silas, saves Chris. Silas is a mischief maker, and when he helps a few guys burn down the Babson barn, Chris sees him. The next day, Chris goes to see Silas and question him about the barn. Silas pretends to be a spy, who can not work anymore because of suspicion. He says that Chris must be a spy in his place. Chris finds out that there are wagons, Union wagons, that the Confedarate army could destroy. When he realizes that his brother is with the wagons he rushes to find him. The soldiers try to help him, and are kind to Chris. Chris realizes that Union soldiers aren’t bad after all. When the Confedarate army attacks, he is sad and wishes he could have warned the Union soldiers. Chris has learned his lesson, in the end. I enjoyed this story a lot.

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