Bats at the Library

Once again, thanks to Brian Lies, I was taken through the world of bats. The bats have played all their games and are bored, but when news comes that a window in the library has been left open, all the bats rush to get there. They have fun, from young to old. I enjoyed this book, because I got to find out what bats would do, if they did what humans did.  I wish that I might be able to read the next book very soon. I loved to read this story.  Here is a bit of it:

Another inky evening’s here-
the air is cool and calm and clear.
We’ve feasted, fluttered, swooped, and soared,
and yet… we’re still a little bored.
All this sameness leaves as blue
and makes us ache for something new.
Then word spreads quickly from afar:
a window has been left ajar:
Can it be true? Oh, can it be?
Yes! Bat Night at the library!
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