A Good Night for Ghosts

“Mighty Fine,” breathed Dipper. “Mighty Fine,” echoed Jack. “Mighty fine,” said Annie… Jack and Annie go back in time to New Orleans. Jack and Annie meet Louis Armstrong, King of Jazz. Louis, is fourteen years old when they meet him. They call him by his nickname; “Dipper.” Dipper doesn’t make time for music, as much as he likes it. In fact, it seems as if he doesn’t like it at all! Jack and Annie follow Dipper around everywhere. Dipper says they’re a bunch of “potato heads.” When a storm comes in, Jack, Annie, and Dipper run to the blacksmith’s. It is said that the ghost of Jean Lafitte and his crew haunt the place. Dipper’s friends are there and they say they have to go somewhere. They scare Jack, Annie, and Dipper into thinking that they are Lafitte and his ghost crew, by making creepy noises. But when the real bunch of pirates come along, it takes a jazz song to get them away from that place. Dipper plays the magic horn and Jack and Annie tap chair legs against full chairs. Dipper’s friends sing. The pirates go away singing. Dipper still doesn’t think he’ll make time for music. When Jack and Annie show him their research book, he says he will. Boy, and he does! I enjoyed this book, because it gave me ideas for my stories. My characters can be shy, silly, or very intelligent. I learned about Dipper’s character. It gave me ideas how some characters can be. I really can’t wait for the next book to come out!

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