Uncle Tom’s Cabin

A smile crossed the child’s face. “Love, hope, kindness, joy.” Then she was dead. The servants mourned and cried. “We’s a gonna miss Missis Eva. She got a good heart. She did what she was jis’ made to do. She done be better than any other child,” Mammy said softly. Tom nodded. “She’s a gone. We’s neve’ gonna see her ‘gain….” Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of my favorite books of all times. Written before the Civil War, it has become a classic for young and old. The main character Uncle Tom is sold over and over.  As this story is nearing it’s end, he is sold to a little girl named Eva, who has her father buy him. Uncle Tom is a good friend of Eva’s, till the little girl dies. I enjoyed this story, but it was sad when Eva dies. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote this story well, and I hope to read more of her stories if she has written any more. 
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