Leprechaun in Late Winter

A magic Irish pipe, fairies called the Shee, a leprachaun, a young girl named Augusta taken by fairies; The Magic Tree House is a wonderful series written by Mary Pope Osborne. My favorite book of this numerous series (43 books to be exact), is Dolphins at Dawn.  I enjoyed it because there are dolphins and lots of things about the sea. In this book though, the two children in the series (Jack and Annie), go to old Ireland. A young girl named Augusta has many talents. She tells stories well, and can repeat a story from memory. When Jack and Annie come, Augusta thinks of them as poor, helpless children, because she is so rich. They look really dirty and they are dripping wet. Augusta visits poor children everyday helping them. Jack gets fed up, and says she is snobby. Augusta gets angry. But when Jack and Annie play their magic Irish pipe, Augusta gets taken away. When they come to get Augusta, she doesn’t want to come. I think that was foolish because she could do so much for other people. Well, she does go home, and she shares the oldest Irish stories and language, making sure they aren’t forgotten. I think that this story was very interesting. I enjoyed learning about Augusta in the history notes, in the back of the book. I hope to read the newest Magic Tree House book very soon.

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