Spy on the Home Front

Leaflets hidden in Aunt Eleanor’s plane! Max going to jail! Clues that Dave might be the culprit! Molly is excited about spending her summer at her grandma and grandpa’s farm, but when Molly’s friends, the Schulz’s, get a letter from their friends, it has some bad news: The Schulz’s friends are in jail! Molly knows that is because they are German-Americans. Could it be possible that Anna and her family will go to jail too, for being German-Americans? Molly’s Aunt Eleanor comes home, about two days later, to add to the excitement. Molly goes with Aunt Eleanor to the airport where mysterious leaflets are found in Aunt Eleanor’s plane. Molly is determined to find out who is doing all the bad things that come up in the next few days. Molly and Anna find out it is Mr. Kip, the manager at the airport. Anna’s brother, Max, was being accused of being a silver shirt. When Molly and Anna find out about Mr. Kip, they are shocked! Molly is glad when the mystery is over. Now a few more fun, cool, peaceful, summer weeks at her grandparents farm with Anna lie ahead of them.

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