Raggedy Ann and Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy are two stuffed rag dolls. They are kind hearted and cute. Pop has all of the chapter books. I have read them all. Each have delightful tales in them, of Raggedy Ann, Andy and friends. It was very interesting to read them. All the time, someone needs help. Sometimes people are just miserable. Sometimes people are causing trouble. It was interesting to realize what the situation was, and why it happened. So many fun things fill up this book, with a dash of humor. I have made up a poem about them. Here it is:

Those small little dolls who are sweet and kind,
            Raggedy Ann and Andy! 
Those friends who have good thoughts in their mind.
Raggedy Ann and Andy! 
The dolls who have something to wish on.
  Raggedy Ann and Andy! 
Those two good friends who met a fawn. 
Raggedy Ann and Andy!
          Those people who taught you of friendship and love
Raggedy Ann and Andy! 
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