Pet Expo

Last Saturday, was a Pet Expo! Nana has got a new job, working at the company that sets up the Pet Expo. There are animals everywhere! On Saturday, we headed out and saw all the animals! It was wonderful, but we discovered Noel is allergic to rats! So we couldn’t buy a rat. But we could buy something else! We could buy a mouse?! It doesn’t really matter if we get a pet or not. The Pet Expo was great . There was a medieval horse show. It was cool. On the way out we got cotton candy. I ate my whole piece! I wrote on the way home about the Pet Expo. Here is my article:

Ruff! Ruff! Today is the Pet Expo! Everyone was excited as they headed through the gates. Nana works here, so they go see her first. After that they saw a medieval horse show. Just as they walked out,  they saw Stewart and Aneta, part of the family. They explored for a bit, seeing dogs and cats, then met up with Nana and had lunch with her. Quickly the group of eight hurried to a horse show. This show had Arabian horses only. After the show, the family explored more. Finally they left, buying cotton candy along the way out.
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