Bats at the Beach

I enjoyed reading this book. It is a poem about the little trip that bats take – to the beach! When I read this book I decided that I don’t have a favorite part. Now, I like to imagine little bats flittering about and I have been dreaming about these things. Here is a part or two that I would like to show you, my readers. I hope that you can see this book is very cute – and very interesting. Here is a bit of it: 

How delicious-oh, how sweet,
To feel warm sand beneath our feet.
Quick, set up-spread blankets on sand!
We want to get going when fun is at hand.
We hurry down to test the ocean.
Don’t forget the moon-tan lotion!
What’s the first thing we should do?
So many games before night’s through.
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2 Responses to Bats at the Beach

  1. Brian Lies says:

    Dear Trinity-Thank you for blogging BATS AT THE BEACH! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed spending time in the bats' world with this book, so much that I wrote two other bat books, BATS AT THE LIBRARY (2008) and BATS AT THE BALLGAME (coming September 2010). I think it's fun to imagine how bats would do the things we people like to do!Keep on Reading!Best wishes from Brian Lies

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