Door to Time

This was an exciting book that I enjoyed reading. I would like to be one of the characters in this book because their adventure is interesting. This story is about three children named Julia, Jason, and Rick. Julia is a stubborn girl at the age eleven. She will be very sarcastic if someone says something very sensible (but she doesn’t understand it) or they say something that bothers her. She can be very smart at times and quick too. Sometimes she is very foolish though, and does silly things. Jason is Julia’s twin. Very attached to the mystery of Ulyssus Moore, he does not give up. His mind will usually be far away, even if he is around Rick and Julia. He listens to a voice, although he does not know to whom it belongs. Rick is a very intelligent boy, but not always clever. He can get absentminded and mean sometimes, but is not a bad friend. I would like to have an adventure having to do with Ulyssus Moore. 

This book is #1 of 9, they are translated from Italian (the picture is of the Italian cover); although right now only books 1-4 have been translated.
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