The Marvelous Land of Oz

“A horse is of no use, till he is broken” joked the Woggle-bug. “Oh, do stop those jokes.” Tip said, fully frustrated…. Another terrific story! Learn how the legendary ruler, Ozma, came to be ruler! Ozma was once a boy named Tip. Hear how Jack Pumpkinhead came to life! Read about the miraculous sawhorse! Meet all your favorite characters again. Enjoy reading about the adventures of Ozma, and about the Army of Revolt, a band of girls who want to rule Oz. You’ll never look at the land of Oz the same way! How did Tip become a boy? And is he really rightful ruler of Oz? How can it be he is a she? Why did the Wizard of Oz pay many visits to old Mombi? All of these questions can be answered in this remarkable book. Living in the land of Oz, there’s always a happy ending!

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