The Magic of Oz

“I wish for the wizard to become a fox- Pryzqxl!” Ojo whispered softly…. Even more exciting than the others! Look in on a little boy’s life, and the adventures of all of your favorite characters, in search of the perfect gift for Ozma! Meet Kiki Aru and the new Nome king that was kicked out of the kingdom! Learn of a magical power for transformation. Read of Trot and Cap’n Bill’s journey for the magic flower that can make one type of fruit, and then a moment later another; this magic flower can also make other flowers! See what happens when Kiki Aru turns the Cowardly Lion, Hungry Tiger, Wizard, and Dorothy, into animals. How does the Wizard help the others, and himself, get free of the spell? How did the glass cat see, get to, and know about the magic flower? How does Trot and Cap’n Bill get free from the island which is a trap? And how is the island a trap? Finding out all these answers in the Oz books was wonderful. More books are coming….

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