Ozma of Oz

“Why! It is a copper man!” Dorothy exclaimed. “Yes, I suppose so,” Billina replied…. A fabulous story filled with adventure in Ev and Oz! There are so many adventures Dorothy has. Escaping from the wheelers, finding Tik-Tok the copper man, being locked up by Princess Langwidere, and so much more! Wizard of Oz books bring children to life, with all the tales in every big adventure. It is almost like being there during all of the exciting events. So many old friends and new! A tricky test, a princess who can change her heads, climbing up a rocky hill to get away from the wheelers. Hearing about these Oz stories and many others, I can see why so many people want to read them! L. Frank Baum was very talented and could bring smiles to everyone’s face. From the time the first Oz book came out, to the last, people have devoured them. Every fairy tale is exciting, especially for children, but these are wonderful! Fathers and mothers delight in reading these tales with joyous splendor; grandmas and grandpas laugh at the jokes; children bounce up and down waiting for what will happen next. I can’t wait to read more of these wondrous tales.

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