The Calder Game

I thought The Calder Game was cool. When I read books, I get all nice and warm. My mouth glues together in a nice way. Nobody knows how much fun it is to read, unless they read. Also, when I read books, I don’t just get that feeling. I actually feel like I am in the story. I’m not the person reading it. I’m the person who is in the story. When I read The Calder Game, I felt like I was there. Out of the three main characters in this book, I know I am most like Petra. She is 12 years old (that’s 4 years older than I) and she’s in seventh grade, but she loves to write. She sees things the way I kind of do. She thinks every single word is beautiful. Calder and Tommy though, well let’s say… I don’t think I am like either of them. Calder is a whiz at math and enjoys it. I guess I think math is interesting. Tommy collects things. He is also stubborn. I’m like Tommy in the sense that I can be stubborn at times. I also will find money or things. Sometimes I even explore my dad’s study. My life could be called a game. It’s a mystery every day. I think that Petra, Calder and Tommy’s life is a game too. It’s a mystery. That’s why I like The Calder Game.  

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