Uncle Remus

I enjoyed reading More Tales of Uncle Remus. Brer Rabbit is who these stories are mostly about. Brer Rabbit is a clever rabbit. Many stories are when Brer Rabbit fools somebody. Some of them are about the other animals trying to get the better of him. No one does though. Brer Rabbit is a very sly and cunning rabbit, and nobody can ever catch him. Disney has a ride based on this book, Splash Mountain, and a movie, “Song of the South”. “Song of the South” has a few tales of Brer Rabbit. Brer Rabbit doesn’t seem as cunning in the movie as he is in the books though. Brer Rabbit makes a fool out of Brer Fox most of the time. He kills the first Brer Fox, but another fox comes along. I found it interesting that all the animals were called Brer something. I hope to read more tales of Brer Rabbit.

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