Tanglewood Tales

I enjoyed this book. This book is full of stories from Greek mythology. There are many stories such as The Golden Fleece, The Pygmies, Circe’s Palace, and The Pomegranate Seeds. Of all the stories in this book, I think my favorites are Circe’s Palace and The Golden Fleece. Circe’s Palace concerns a king named Ulyssus. King Ulyssus finds an island. On the island, there is a marble palace. An enchantress, Circe, lives there. She changes wicked people into what they really are. If a beast, then they are changed into the animal that they most resemble. If not, this person will behold his human shape forevermore. King Ulyssus saves his comrades from Circe, and keeps his human shape. The Golden Fleece is about a young man by the name Jason. He is a well educated man, and he is a prince. To gain his rightful place as king, Jason finds himself in a mess of adventures; all of which I think are very interesting. I wish to read more tales.  

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