Brown Bears

I like to read a lot of books. When I’m not reading biographies and fiction, I will read non-fiction. They are usually science books. This book is on brown bears, which are also called “brownies.” Brownies will make trails, that they will go down to get places. Brown bears do not like other bears in their territory, but they don’t usually fight. Bears are like fisherman. Brown bears, like many other bears, will fish. Many fish are in rivers. Bears that live near these rivers are very lucky. When the fishing season is done, the brownies will look for berries. When winter arrives, the bear will do what every bear does; hibernate. This word means sleep through winter. A female bear will have babies during the winter, and then will go back to sleep. The babies are very, very, very small. They get bigger as winter passes though. When spring comes the mother bear teaches the babies, feeds them, protects them, and plays with them. A mother never stays with the babies for long and the father never sees his children. The babies stay together for some time, then go off and make their own families. I would like to learn more things about bears, and other animals.

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