These Happy Golden Years

I like this book. This is about Laura Ingalls Wilder. She wrote this book. This book is about Laura falling in love with Almanzo Wilder. He gives her an engagement ring. She also wrote a story about Almanzo. It is called Farmer Boy. She marries him. I am reading The First Four Years now. They have a baby named Rose in that book. I think I would have liked to be there and find out what it would have been like to be Laura. In winter, Almonzo always comes and gives her a sleigh ride, in his cutter, back home from the school she is teaching. Even after that, he takes her on sleigh rides, and when spring comes, then he just takes her for buggy rides. She might have felt sad leaving her home to teach. I think that I want people to know about my life, too. People like to know about different people, and what their life was like. Was it scary? Sad? Happy? Weird? Nobody could answer those questions, unless I wrote a diary. I wonder if it felt weird to be in love.

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