Blue Willow

This a good book. It is about a little girl named Janey. This story is about how Janey lives in her new home making friends, and doing things. I think that the author is very talented. I wish that I could be as talented as the author is. As soon as I had my nose in the book, I didn’t want to get my nose out of it. I imagined I was there. And boy! It was almost as if I was. That’s what happens when I find a book that is really good. It takes me somewhere amazing! When I grow up, I hope that if I become a writer, my books can take whoever is reading to the exact time, place, and scene. I want them to know what it is like to be the main character. I would like it if my books were able to inspire other people. I would like to read Blue Willow again. I think I would tell people about this story.  
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