Shim Chung: The Blind Man’s Daughter

I liked this book! Like Daphnis and Chloe, this has been adapted as a ballet. This story is about a blind man’s daughter. When the blind man is nearly drowned, a monk saves him. He makes the blind man promise to give three hundred sacks of rice to the temple. Poor man! When his daughter Shim Chung finds out, she wants to help. She finds out that a man on board a ship is offering so much money to one person who will become a sacrifice for the sea dragon king. Shim Chung offers and goes to the sea. She wears a beautiful white dress. She jumps into the sea. The sea dragon king comes and helps her breath. He will let her go back to the land if she visits him. Shim Chung agrees. When she gets back she marries a king. Her father comes and she is reunited with him. I hope that I can see a ballet of this. I think this story is very interesting.

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