Daphnis and Chloe

This story has to do with the gods in Greek mythology. When going to the temple of the forest god Pan, a young man named Dorcon, scoops up a young woman named Chloe and tries to kiss her. A shepherd named Daphnis saves Chloe. The men decide to have a contest. Whoever dances the best will win Chloe’s kiss. Dorcon is drunk and he dances clumsily. But when Daphnis dances, he dances gracefully, smoothly, so very well. After Daphnis wins the contest and receives his kiss, Chloe stands in a clearing in the forest.  A group of Vikings come and scoop up Chloe. They make her dance. When Chloe tries to escape, the biggest pirate scoops her up and carries her above his head. Daphnis finds out Chloe is gone and rescues her. He is rewarded with another kiss. I think this is an interesting story, I had never heard of this ballet. Perhaps one day I might be able to see it on stage.

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