New Competition

I like writing. My mom helps enter me in contests. My current contest is to win a trip to a dude ranch. I have not yet sent this in, but once I color the illustration and scan it on thicker paper, I will. I hope I can win! The contest is sponsored by a Christian company. I had to write an essay about a Bible question and illustrate my answer!  I can enter this contest as many times as I would like. I can illustrate and write an essay for all the other questions. I have a chance of winning seven times! I hope that even if I don’t win, I show people how to worship the Lord. I really think I can show people how being a Christian (I’m a Christian) is great, and that you can worship the Lord in many different ways. But, it depends on your attitude. You must willingly praise the Lord. I wish you would wish me luck!

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One Response to New Competition

  1. Barbara says:

    Trinity, I think you are so awesome and I wish you so much luck with entering this contest!!

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