My Pop

Here is an essay that I wrote for a contest. I can win cool prizes. I hope to show people how my Pop influences me. Wish me luck!


            Many people, artists, actors, writers, and even teachers influence me. Those in my family also influence me. Of all these whom I love dearly, my father is the person who influences me the most.

            My Pop influences and inspires me in many ways, but here are some ways that stand out the most. My Pop encourages me to write a lot and gives me notebooks to write in. My father inspires me by whisking me away with his stories. He tells all kinds of stories; fantasy stories about ogres, fairies and goblins. He tells make-believe stories about adventures our family has. His stories inspire me to write my own. I write about adventures that I wish I could have.
When I go into his study I feel like I have entered a new world. We listen to music from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. I smell the vanilla and pine scented candles he has burning. Art supplies and books on favorite artists surround me. There are wonderful colors and pictures all around. There, he and I draw together. My Pop and I are close; we are a team.
            For many more reasons than these: his jokes, his photography, his painting, his Shrimp Special (he also cooks), my father influences me more than any other person. He is a very important person in my life. I will keep him in my heart forever.
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