Jean Lafitte

The dreaded pirate Jean Laftitte, is whom I am writing about. When a young man, Lafitte ran a blacksmith shop with his brother. He didn’t get much money out of this and so Lafitte became a privateer. A privateer is not a pirate. Nobody could arrest Lafitte. Lafitte did not care to be called a pirate. He was a very caring, smart, and handsome man. He could navigate his way through the bayous. When Lafitte stole goods and sold them in New Orleans, the governor was angry. When the war between the Great Britain and France came, Lafitte decided to fight. He had respect for America. When the British soldiers offered Lafitte $13,000 and a place as a captain in the army, Jean Lafitte said no. I think Lafitte was a brave man. Especially as he became a pirate-hero in 1812.

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