Millard Fillmore

Here is a book I recently read. This book has to do with a man that ruled our nation. His name was Millard Fillmore. He was our thirteenth president. He was a normal guy. He was an American. At first he did the usual things, Fillmore would go to work in the wool factory every single day. Trust me, it was hard work! He would be carding (untangling) sheep wool all day. Fillmore hardly knew how to read! His parents decided he would go to school. The school was a very well built one too. Fillmore met his teacher, she was his age. Fillmore started to fall in love with her, he was very happy. Fillmore later became a judge. He wore very nice clothes for Abigail. Fillmore married Abigail and both were happy. People thought a lot of Fillmore. Fillmore was our president and he died, but we remember he was our president. I liked this book and I thought about how many people were our presidents. I am glad I got this book.

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