The City of Ember

The City of Ember is one of my favorite reads! I really liked the book. It also has to do with a really fun thing my family does. When my sister Noel or I finish a book, we get to stay up and watch the movie. We both enjoy having this time. It was fun to read the book. I think back and I really hope I do it again. There is a feeling I get when I read books like this one. This is how I feel. I feel… “Wow! I really just finished a great book and now I get to watch the movie!” I can tell you this book is a book, a lover of books, will want to read again and again! Everybody can say what they want to say about it, but I have my opinion write here. Ha, Ha, Ha! Very funny; but that’s not saying what I think of it. This is what I think of it; it makes me smile and I want to put it in my library book pile.

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One Response to The City of Ember

  1. Yesenia says:

    Hi Trinity,You are a really good writer and funny too! Now I'm going to have to see this movie to see why it made you smile and put in your library book pile. I know I should probably read the book first but I'll just have Raquel do all the reading for me. :)Love,Ms. Yesenia

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