"Me, Myself and I"

Here is a poem I decided to write, that my dad said I could use for the blog. He took three pictures of me and then made them fit together. So again, it’s a poem I decided to write, but my family helped me out a lot to be who I am; especially my mom and dad. They’re all a bunch of special people; but here we’re not talking about my family, we’re talking about the poem. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; I am proud to display my poem: “Me, Myself and I”.

Me, Myself and I
I think of me,
Who should I be?
Should I be myself?
I don’t sit on a shelf.
I should be
The creative me.
So I am I;
With no tail to hold up high.
We are we;
So you see.
It is Me, Myself, and I.
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