In a Blue Room

In a Blue Room is a very good book to me. This is a picture book, it shows how a little girl feels about her room at night. When her mother turns off the lights, the moon shines and the room is a pretty shade of blue. The soft, pale, silver color of the moon makes her smile. She listens to the rustling sound of flowers blowing in the wind. She listens to the rippling brook. She dreams of silver ponies running near the brook in a glade. Ponies laugh and play in the brook, their hair shines bright in the light. The girl dreams of riding a pony and having blue tea and being wrapped up warm in an blue blanket. I dream of these things a lot. I dream of the ponies running wild near the brook and I am riding one. The mermaids laugh and play; then I wake up. It made me wish I was in a blue room.

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