Secret of Shadow Ranch

Secret of Shadow Ranch is a good book. This was one of my favorite summer reads. Many of the Nancy Drew books are very good. This one was just as good as the other ones I read. Nancy Drew is called in on a mystery at a ranch. One of the ranch hands seemed to be missing something that he was supposed to inherit, that was his father’s. Upon going to the ranch Nancy meets her cousin, Alice. Alice tells Nancy of the strange happenings of the last few days. Nancy goes into town and discovers a few things that might help her with her mystery. Alice tells Nancy that on every night when there’s a full moon a strange horse appears; one that nobody has ever seen before. The horse is a ghostly white, as if a phantom. The horse is running wildly around the ranch. Ed Rawley (Nancy’s uncle) thinks that it might have something to do with the man who wanted to buy the ranch. Nancy is taken to the mountains on a ride, she and her cousin are lost. Nancy thinks it has something to do with the mystery. She might have got lost on purpose! Nancy is able to get home and solve the mystery. It turns out the man who wanted to buy the ranch also wanted the family treasure buried beneath it. It’s a great book.

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