Rebecca Rubin Series (American Girl)

Rebecca Rubin, what a girl! These books are about a girl I admire, a girl who lived during the time of World War I. Rebecca is the heart of a six book series inspiring you to follow your dreams. It inspires you to become your own person, to be who you want to be when you grow up. Rebecca is a really good actor, she wants to act in a movie.  When I think of how life must have been in her day, I really understand her feelings. I wonder if she ever felt scared. If I were her I would have been scared when I entered America.  It probably would have been hard for her to be who she was. But being your own person isn’t bad at all, in fact it can inspire other people. To wrap it up, this was a great series and I really enjoyed it. I will enjoy it for the rest of my life. The American Girl Company sells Rebecca dolls, I wish I had a doll of her.
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