Here is something I wrote yesterday. I was thinking of the summer and I thought, “Hey! Why don’t I make up a poem about water.” So here it is, my poem about water.

As radiant as the light of day,
As brilliant as a bright blue jay,
It is a body of water,
Home to the pleasant otter.
Friends gather around
To listen to it’s sound.
Children laugh and play
 In the water of the day.
Some mothers fuss at the children,
 Then, smiling, stop and listen.
One boy cries,
Then come the mothers’ replies,
“Oh dear, oh dear.
‘We shall save you, for fear
You might drown.”
And they pull him out with a frown.
Then eat a delicate treat,
Oh, so, so sweet.
And so I have to say,
What a wonderful day.
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One Response to Water

  1. Tia Nene says:

    Your poem made me smile. Thank you for sharing it!Love you, Tia Nene

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