Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles

This set of books was okay. I didn’t like this series as much as I liked the first series, but it was definitely a magical experience and had much more adventure then I thought it would have. It was hilarious in some spots, which I enjoyed, and dangerous in others where I think I could have come up with a plan. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this series. It has some characters I thought they wouldn’t put in, but then the books were full of different things, like creatures from the Spiderwick field guide. When I read about the Nixies and Giants, I remembered I had read about them in the guide. A Nixie can be dangerous and rarely will come to the surface of the pond. To know if a Nixie lives there you can leave food and it will be gone. You might find flutes made out of reeds and someone in the family might disappear.  A giant is usually slumbering but will wake up sometimes. It will eat salamanders so it can breath fire. It likes to hear a Nixie sing and a mermaid sing. So my final thoughts are this: It truly takes you beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles.
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