Halloween Harvest

Here is a live report that I did on Halloween that I am proud of . I remember how excited I felt that I was reporting on it. It reminds me of what I might do when I grow up if I don’t become a writer. I’m proud to have reported on our Halloween Harvest. 

“After scraping out pumpkin guts and a few little murmurs about how gross it was, it was time to carve the pumpkin. First came the mouth shaped like a fish, which stands for being a “fisher of men”; then came the nose shaped like a heart, symbolizing God’s love for us; after that came the eyes shaped like crosses, representing God’s Son dying on the cross. This year Pop (Frank Grau Jr.) forgot the ears which are shaped like bibles, to hear the Word of God. 

‘Noel cried out, “Mom finished cooking the seeds!” Pop grabbed his camera and started taking pictures of the finished pumpkin and the lighting of the candle. Picture after picture came.
‘Soon pj’s were on, the house lights were turned off. We ate our pizza and then settled down to watch our movie. Mom made sugar cookies with pumpkins on them to enjoy while we watched. 
‘A lot of fun came down our path. After the fun, everybody headed to bed with full tummies and a smile on their faces.”
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One Response to Halloween Harvest

  1. Tia Nene says:

    Hi Trinity! I'm looking forward to reading your reports and thoughts. I'm going to miss you over Christmas, but I'll see you in March! ~Tia Nene

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