Fergus Crane

Yesterday, I was reading Fergus Crane, a story that lets your imagination run wild– like mine! That’s what happened when I read Fergus Crane, a story about a ten year-old that had one of the biggest adventures you could think of. Fergus lived in Archduke Ferdinand’s Apartment. He lived alone with his mother. That was because his father had vanished on a fateful voyage a long time ago. Fergus would stay up each night waiting for a message from the Fateful Voyage Company. The third night in a row, a mysterious little box that carried the messages back and forth came. Fergus read, “You Are In Danger”. Fergus gasped, “Don’t Go To School Today! Your long lost Uncle Theo.”  My long lost Uncle Theo? Fergus thought. The next day Fergus went to school. “Time for Tunnel Exercise,” barked Mr. Woodhead. Little did the class know this wasn’t half as hard as the real thing would be. The next day when Fergus went to school, the school ship Betty Jeanne wasn’t there. After having met Uncle Theo, he knew he  could send a message. Soon, Fergus was on Fire Isle. His friends were with the school teachers because the school teachers were pirates. The kids were to climb down and get firestones. The firestones would make the pirates rich. Fergus saved his friends and soon was also reunited his father. I liked this book. Just like other books I read, this one was just as special as firestones.

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