Summer Reading…

To start off my blog, I thought I would remember some of the great reads that I finished over the summer. During the summer months, my family prepares for the upcoming L.A. County Fair. One of the neat things that we always try to do is the Read-to-Ride Program. Every student reads six books and does a quick book report on each. At the fair, we turn in these reports and exchange them for free rides at the carnival. The rides are great, but reading the books is the best part. Here is one of the books I read this summer.

Bridge to Terabithia
            At the beginning of the story Leslie went to school her very first day. She met Jess and they became friends quickly. The problem in the story was the kids had nowhere to play. The characters solved the problem by finding a place to play, the wooded area near their homes. They called the woods Terabithia. They pretended all kinds of fun stories and had exciting adventures. One day Leslie wanted to go to Terabithia on her own and drowned while crossing the brook. At the end of the story Jess has no friend again and is very sad.
            I felt sad when I read this book, I wanted it to be a happy ending. However, I would recommend this book to other kids; it helps your imagination to grow.

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